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“I got my Canadian Permanent Resident Visas through Brigade Visas” – By Vijayaraj 


I happened to receive an email from the brigade visas educating about the Canadian visa , checked in my eligibility by going to their office and got to know that I’m eligible  for the Canadian permanent resident visas,  started my process for the same and invested almost 9-10 months and got an Visa for my entire family , thus I can say on the whole it was an good experience going for the services  and I would suggest in my opinion these people are good to go with and are reliable, my personal thanks to the entire team of brigade visas involved in helping me in getting a visa successfully.

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Read Customer Review BY VijayaRaj

Read Customer Review BY VijayaRaj

Customer Review 2 :

Lots of patience is required for immigration, it is a very much longer process with abroad. The team is highly appreciated for their work.prices are very much affordable i am paying through online mode in installment. , I feel very happy to be settled in Canada along with my family now, I feel that without Brigade Visas, my dream wouldn’t have come true, The team guided me in each step by step process from the very first process to till the last process. Excellent services I got through Brigade visas. , the success rate was good with Brigade Visas as I could see most of them were happy and got their Visas processed through Brigade Visas I highly recommend Brigade Visas to every one  for immigration.


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